Your Very Own Signature Necklace

Your Very Own Signature Necklace

from 380.00

Nan Lee Jewelry Exclusive **Delivery AFTER Christmas**

We replicate your own Custom Signature!

Choose solid 14K yellow gold or Sterling Silver

Mini carved sculpture, each signature is beautifully crafted with nice weight and thickness

14K gold 16" - 18" split chain included

Any handwritten or graphic letters, names or words can be used- up to 9 letters across

After checking out — write your name or word (dark ink on bright white paper is best), snap a photo and email it to us at

*Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Rush orders available- please call the store for information, 972-540-2739.

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After making your purchase, simply follow these three steps to get us your custom text or graphics:

  1. Write your text or signature
  2. Take a photo with your cell phone and Email to
  3. Wait for your handcrafted, personalized design to arrive!