Choice Color Cerakote & Zirconium Band

Choice Color Cerakote & Zirconium Band


Lashbrook Design

Zirconium 8mm Satin domed band with Cerakote sleeve. Cerakote Colors Include: Dewalt Yellow, Royal Blue, Green and Red. Comfort Fit.

Black Zirconium is typically used in medical applications and nuclear reactors. It is perfect for jewelry because it creates a lustrous black layer when it is heat treated. This layer makes the ring very scratch resistant and allows us to create amazing two-toned styles. Black Zirconium offers the highest design versatility of any performance metal.

*All Bands are lifetime guaranteed (some exclusions will apply) 

Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. For any customization, please call us at 972-540-2739. 

Cerakote Color:
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