We are a full service jeweler with a lot of different services available!

Do you make custom pieces?

Yes! We can make anything custom for you! From engagement rings, wedding bands, necklaces, bracelets and earrings! For custom pieces involving diamonds, gemstones and fine metals, you should set up an appointment with Nan Lee. See our contact page!

Can you use my own stones to make something new?

Absolutely! Taking your family stones to create something new is our favorite thing to do! For this process, to requires an appointment with Nan Lee. See our contact page for more information on setting up an appointment!

Do you resize rings?

It depends! Most fine metal rings can be resized, however there are some cases where they can’t! You can email a picture to us or come in and let us take a look!

How do I know my ring size?

It is super important to try and get your ring size correct the first time! We can size both men and women in store! Sizing is NOT universal, so if you are sized somewhere else we cannot guarantee that it will fit. Gentlemen, if this is for an engagement ring don’t try to guess! Give us a call or email and we will work out a way to get her sized without ruining the surprise!

Do you offer jewelry appraisals?

Yes we do! For items like engagement rings, or other high dollar items it is very important to have them appraised and insured. For insurance we recommend Jewelers Mutual! Just bring in the items you would like appraised and we can get you an estimate and time frame!

Do you buy gold?

Yes! Just bring in the gold you are wanting to sell and we can weigh it to give you an estimate based on current market pricing!

Can you clean/polish my rings?

Yes! We can do deep cleanings and polishes on rings!

Do you offer any kind of installment plan for large purchases?

Yes! We work with square, and through square you have the ability to do an installment plan for any purchase in the range of $250 - 10,000. They offer 3 plans for installments with time frames of 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. For more information on if you are eligible and how to sign up visit: square.it/apply/nlj

Can you restring my pearls?

Yes! Just contact us for exact pricing and time frame!

Do you work on watches?

No. We do not offer any services on watches.

Have another question? Visit our contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible!