15 Ways to Show Gratitude


November is here. No denying the holidays are fast approaching and that can send many of us into a panic. So, how can you still Give Thanks to the people in your life while tackling an endless list of things to do? Here are 15 simple ways to show Gratitude this month from our friends at The Glitter Guide.

  1. Send flowers to a friend to let them know you are thinking about them.
  2. When you open your inbox instead of immediately starting to read emails, send out a note to someone in your contact list simply wishing them a good day.
  3. Leave a note for your roommate, child or spouse in an unlikely spot with a friendly message.
  4. Send a few ‘just because’ cards to faraway friends letting them know you’re grateful for their friendship.
  5. Deliver homemade goodies to your neighbors wishing them a happy fall.
  6. Leave treats for your delivery people (UPS, FedEx, USPS)—hand warmers, Starbucks gift cards or pre-made sweets, for example.
  7. Bring a coffee to a friend at work to brighten their morning and thank them for their friendship.
  8. Send a friend, spouse or family member their favorite meal for lunch using a delivery service, such as uberEATS or DoorDash.
  9. Simply call a loved one on the phone to let them know you’re thinking of them and are grateful for them.
  10. Try and pay attention to when your friends could use an extra helping hand. When you start really listening, you will discover ways you can help.
  11. Pay for the coffee for the person behind you in line.
  12. Help sweep a neighbor’s yard.
  13. Donate a bunch of old clothes to a homeless shelter.
  14. Bring cans of food to a soup kitchen or shelter.
  15. Whether it’s via email, on the phone or in person, incorporate “I appreciate that” where you can. Life gets so busy and moves so fast that sometimes we forget to thank people. Also, the word “thanks” can often lose its meaning a bit and just feel like a closer to an email. If you add in an “I appreciate that,” it emphasizes that you really are thankful and grateful. And it definitely leaves a lasting impression—at least to us!

Source: www.theglitterguide.com