What's the difference in estate and vintage jewelry?

Estate, vintage and antique ... you've probably seen all of these terms used to describe jewelry, but what do the mean? All jewelry that was previously owned is technically estate jewelry, but not all estate pieces are vintage. The same applies to antique jewelry — while all antique jewelry is vintage, not all vintage pieces are antique.

Estate Jewelry — any piece of previously owned jewelry less than 40 years old.

Vintage Jewelry — pieces that are 40+ years old.

Antique Jewelry — pieces that are at least 100 years old.

At Nan Lee Jewelry we have an ever-changing selection of one-of-a-kind vintage and estate pieces. We can also be on the lookout if there is a particular style or era of jewelry that you're looking for.

We also carry an exquisite line of reproduction rings cast from antique molds that give you the look of an antique piece created with new materials and stones for lasting beauty.