Diamond Shapes 101

The variety of cuts and shapes for diamonds can be overwhelming. We hope our mini-guide gives you some direction on a few of the most popular cuts to find the shape that fits your personal style. At Nan Lee Jewelry, we can create a one-of-a-kind engagement, wedding or anniversary ring, or revamp a family heirloom to give it new life.

ROUND |  The round cut diamond is one of the most popular diamond shapes. This classic shape is admired because of its facets (usually 58) which maximizes brilliance.

PRINCESS | The princess cut is a modern, square, brilliant cut with sharp uncut corners. A princess cut stone should be set with prongs that protect the four corners from chipping.




CUSHION | The cushion cut combines a square or slightly rectangular cut with rounded corners that resemble a pillow. While less brilliant than a round, the fire is often better.

OVAL | The oval cut is a modified brilliant-cut similar to a round diamond. The elongated shape is very flattering on slender, long fingers.

EMERALD | The emerald cut is achieved by step cuts and instead of the sparkle of brilliant-cuts, the effect is more mirror-like. It has less fire, but the dramatic lines are eye-catching.

ASSCHER | The asscher cut was first introduced in 1902 in Holland by the Asscher Brothers. Many antique rings feature this cut and its popularity is growing. The modern aascher is similar to an emerald cut, but with more brilliance due to the squared off corners.

MARQUISE | The marquise cut has a shape similar to a football and is also a modified-brilliant cut. The elongated shape gives the illusion of greater size.

PEAR | The pear cut is a brilliant-cut combining a round and marquise shape. The narrow end should point toward the wearer.

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