Emerald Green

Emerald green is such a rich and beautiful color. Bold, yet elegant, this hue has a lot of possibilities as the color of your wedding. Imagine a pair of green satin heels peeking below the hem of your gown or shimmering green satin for your bridesmaids. We love the pairing of blue with green on the wedding cake shown and those striking green reception chairs are unforgettable.Who would have thought a green velvet tuxedo with an argyle bowtie would be so fetching — and yet it works beautifully. Let's not forget real emeralds while we're at it, like the gorgeous diamond and emerald halo pictured below. The emerald has long been associated with unity, compassion and unconditional love.


3D Printed Cake Accessories

There's a hot new trend in wedding cakes and it's 3D printing. Not only can plastics be used with this extraordinary technology, but edible sugar creations are now possible as well. Our gallery of images below demonstrates some the possibilities. The ombre cake is decorated with a printed 3D decoration that matches the lace on the bride's veil. Next is an example of 3D sugar diamonds than could be used as favors for your guests or a dessert alternative. Next is the astoundingly lifelike 3D printed figurines of the bride and groom make from to look just like the real couple. In the last series of images the intricate cake stand and flower topper are all printed 3D sugar. This truly opens the door for a completely custom wedding.