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Wedding Wednesday | Mix + Match Bridesmaids Dresses

Wedding Wednesday, TrendsDanielle M. SabolComment

Long gone are the days of hideous bridesmaid dresses! Today, brides are opting for stylish and re-wearable options for their ladies in waiting. One trend we can't get enough of is the mix + match bridesmaid ensemble. Now you can add more color, tones, and style to your wedding without hiring a personal stylist or breaking the bank, and your chic maids will be thankful they can choose a dress style or neckline that's most flattering on their personal shape.

photo by  Taylor Lord

photo by Taylor Lord

image by  Eric Kelley

image by Eric Kelley

photo by  Taylor Lord 

photo by Taylor Lord 

photo by  Erich McVey 

photo by Erich McVey 

photo by  Adrian Michael
photo by  Rylee Hitchner