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Nan Lee's Top 10 Mother's Day Favorites

Lachelle ViaComment

Here are Nan Lee's Top 10 favorites for Mother's Day.
Which beautiful item is perfect for your special mom?

#1    Christy Branham Limited Edition Mother's Day necklaces, starting at $110.
#2    Glenda Gies Handbags devotees love her bags and clutches in a huge assortment of fabrics, starting at $48
#3    Nan Lee Vintage rings, starting at $200.
#4    Julie Cohn Designs for the modern and unconventional, starting at $185.
#5    Nan Lee Color Gems in vibrant colors, starting at $38
#6    LaLa Ring Collection, starting at $98
#7    Deanna Cochran's Little Master's Collection, starting at $148
#8    Melanie Auld bangles, starting at $80
#9    Jane Basch Monograms, starting at $150
#10    Anything Pearl! Starting at $38