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A McKinney Christmas... Home for the Holidays, 2017

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Home for the Holidays returns to Historic Downtown McKinney!

November 24th - 26th


Non-stop Family Activities, Entertainment, Food and Shopping
Home for the Holidays…A McKinney Christmas is the best way to start your Christmas celebration. The weekend after Thanksgiving in Historic Downtown McKinney features non-stop family activities, entertainment, food galore, a chance to finish your Christmas shopping and much more. 

Christmas Tree Lighting and Candlelight Shopping
Watch faces light up at the tree lighting on Friday, Nov. 24 at 6:15 p.m. and start (or finish) your Christmas shopping with Candlelight Shopping until 8 p.m. at all the unique shops on the square. Candlelight Shopping will continue periodically throughout the holiday season.

Sapphires Paint the Skies Blue

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Sapphires have been prized as great gemstones since 800BC. Rulers of ancient Persia believed the sky was painted blue by the reflection of sapphire stones. And a great poet once described the sapphire as “the blue of a clear sky just minutes after sundown.” To some religions, the blue color of the sapphire represents the heavens. Ancient lore held that the tablets upon which the Ten Commandments were written, were actually sapphire. This has to mean that either the script was very tiny, or the sapphire was made by the hands of someone other than mother earth, as its size would have had to have been quite adequate! 


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